Mountain Running Races LLC

Mountain Running Races manages and delivers vertical mountain running events and training runs in the Pacific Northwest. These include the Vert Running Series, Running Up For Air, PNW Youth Trail Project and serveral outdoor adventure festivals.

Mountain Running Races Events

We are a trail running event organizer that specializes in short and steep running events. We love building the trail running family and want to help others to experience the great trails Washington has to offer not only with events and festivals but also fun runs and training events. You'll find these fun runs and training events here on Fitvil...
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Youth Trail Project

Please register for an account in Fitvil for the PNW Youth Trail Project group and have a parent or guardian complete a liability waiver. A completed liability waiver is required for any youth participant at a Youth Trail Project Event. The Youth Trail Project is a collection of coaches and community members creating excitement and enthusiasm be...
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Upcoming Events