Fleet Feet Des Moines

Fleet Feet Des Moines is a welcoming hub for runners and walkers in Des Moines.  We provide fun, fitness, education and encouragement through service and products that enable people to enjoy active lifestyles.  At Fleet Feet Des Moines, you will find an environment where all ability levels receive unparalleled service and support. Fleet Feet's Fitlosophy is to help you find the right ''FIT'' in every facet of your active lifestyle.

Whether you walk, run, or simply need a good fitting pair of shoes, the educators at Fleet Feet will work with you to evaluate your foot’s gait and natural biomechanics to help you select a shoe that offers the best fit and function for you.

Fleet Feet Des Moines is committed to enhancing and growing our local running and walking communities, and offering educational resources and training opportunities to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.  Each store is locally owned and operated.

10K Training Fall 2023 Fleet Feet Des Moines

Are you interested in completing your first 10K or wish to run a 10K faster? We have the coach, the training, and the support! For just $95, you'll receive 23 coached sessions leading up to the goal race, Hillbilly Hike 10K. You will have access to mentors and coaches, twice weekly emails, and more that will help you every step of the way. ...
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5K Training Fall 2023

Welcome to the Fleet Feet Sports 5K Training Program and more importantly, welcome to the Fleet Feet Sports Community! I personally am excited to meet you and get to know you as we run together for the 10-week program with the 5k goal race being principal 5k. The running mentors and I will do our best to help you achieve your running goals....
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Fall 2023 Half Marathon Training

Are you interested in completing your first half or want to run one faster? We have the coaches, the training and support! Twice weekly coached sessions -- Tuesdays at 6 PM and Saturdays at 7:45 AM in preparation for the IMT Half Marathon. The 12 week program begins Tuesday, July 25th. Our participant Informational Meeting will be on Monday, Jul...
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