Fleet Feet Lexington

Fall Half Marathon Training

Ready to run 13.1 miles? No? Don't worry because we can help get you there! Want to meet some new people to run with and keep you accountable? Then this is the perfect place for you! This is a 12 week training program that begins August 29, 2022. The training program includes weekly training plans tailored to your needs, strength and mobility he...
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Fleet Feet Lex Run Club

Every week at 6 pm on Wednesday we have group run! All faces and paces are welcome! Join us for about 5-ish-k running and walking.
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Fleet Feet Run Club: Summer Squad

Come join our FREE Summer Running Series! It's a great way to keep running in the thick and hot Kentucky weather. Meet some new friends AND earn SWAG too! At every group run make sure to check in with Gabbi to get your stamp on your virtual stamp card. Earn 4 stamps for Fleet Feet Socks or Fleet Feet Hat Earn 6 stamps for a Fleet Feet Run Club t...
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Pumpkin Posse: 4 Mile Training Program

Ready to run, but don't know where to start? We have your back! Want to increase your speed over a shorter distance? We can help! This a 8 week training program built for new runners or people looking to improve their speed in a 4 mile race distance. You will receive weekly personalized running plans with extra running tips! This program include...
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Runners Fest BEER MILE

Chug a beer and run a lap. Repeat! Four times! One person or up to 4 people relay. Don't worry, if you don't drink there will be a pony keg relay as well! Instead of having to chug a beer, you will have to carry a empty pony keg for your lap(s). The beer will be from Mirror Twin so you bet it'll be SUPER tasty! Get your entries in ASAP!!! We wil...
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