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The goal of Fleet Feet is not merely to sell you shoes or a new running jacket. The goal of Fleet Feet is to help change your life.

Absolutely, we sell running and walking shoes. We will FIT you for the correct pair of shoes based on your biomechanics. We will introduce you to insoles and the benefits of wearing non-cotton socks. Ladies, we will FIT you for a sports bra and make sure that you are wearing the correct size. We will teach you about nutrition and the importance of staying hydrated. Education is the number one product we offer, and we are eager to help you reach your fitness goals. You might need products that allow you to stand all day without foot pain. If your heel hurts in the morning when you take your first couple steps, we will educate you on the products that will reduce the symptoms and help treat the cause. Our training programs are for you – whether you want to begin walking, jogging, improve your consistency in training or just make friends, we are here to help.

We are not a shoe store, we are a starting point.  Our goal is to inspire you, and we are dedicated to helping you change your life.

2020 Runs On Tap

Back by popular demand, welcome to "The Regulars," Fleet Feet Sports' Runs on Tap loyalty program. As a Regular, you'll earn points for every Runs on Tap event you come to this year and points = rewards. What you'll get: A Fleet Feet keycard (like your gym card) that will allow you to scan in and out of each of our Runs on Tap event. This way w...
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2020 Spring More Miles

  Whether it's more miles than you've ever run before or just more miles under your belt, this program is for you. Fleet Feet Cleveland brings you MORE MILES Training Program for your Half or Full Marathon season ahead.  We are ready to help you reach your goals, whether it's your first half marathon or on a long list of full marathons...
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2020 Spring No Boundaries

No Boundaries is a 5k or 10k Training Program designed for people who are ready to take on the 5k or 10k distance! Want to run your first 5k? This group is for you! Your first 10k? A 5k PR? We've got you covered! No Boundaries is an eight week training program where you get a weekly workout schedule and train as a group twice per week. Your head...
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2020 Spring Speed Demons

Do not let the word "speed" intimidate you. You can become a more efficient runner and change up your workouts by adding in our Speed Program every Wednesday. This program brings in a wide range of athletes and runners with workout consisting of roughly 3 miles of various interval distances and paces. What better way to do a speed workout than w...
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2020 Summer Rock Runners

Get out and get dirty with us this summer!  Explore someplace new. Get lost in the woods only to find yourself. Trail Crew is geared for the new and experienced trail runner alike. Fleet Feet training helps you get your feet wet... and muddy, as you get comfortable on the trails with other like minded folks. Distances range from 4-8 miles a...
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2020 Winter Warriors

This eight week comprehensive strength program will help keep you fit, motivated, and moving during the cold winter months. The workouts will focus on improving total body strength, specific to running, as well as building a base for our next training session. Designed to help develop strength and stamina which are the building blocks of an effi...
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2020 Yearlong Route Training Program

  It's about the journey AND what path you choose to get to your destination.      What if your whole year of training was planned for you from Day 1? We're bringing back our yearlong comprehensive training program to keep you staying fit from start to finish. The best part is you pick the path you take to get to your final d...
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Runs on Tap "Regulars"

When you register as a "Regular" you'll get a card to scan in and out of each Run on Tap event. The more runs you come to this year the more rewards you earn!   Rewards: 3 Pub Runs - A custom Pilsner beer glass 6 Pub Runs - A Runs on Tap Hat 9 Pub Runs - Runs on Tap T-shirt  12 Pub Runs - A Runs on Tap Custom Growler    Every...
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