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A 8-week program beginning October 8th, designed for the beginning walker, run/walker, or runner to help you complete a 5K (3.1 Miles). We will meet at Wednesday's at 6pm​ and ​Saturdays at 8am. Our goal race is the Thanksgiving Day Pi Equals 3.1.... at Lake Harriet. We have 5 pace group options to meet you where you are right now: 1)Runners ( 2)Run/walk plan to run (increase running interval more quickly each week) 3)Run/walk 1 (increase running interval less quickly than ‘plan to run’) 4)Run/walk 2 (increase running interval less quickly than run/walk 1) 5)Walk What is the cost of the Program? $60 Register on Cost includes: Race Registration / Technical shirt; coaching two days a week with a detailed training plan; Abdominal workouts; great opportunity to meet running, run/walking, and walking partners; Introduction to running routes on area trails and neighborhoods. Seminar Topics including: Running and Walking form, Injury Prevention (Results Physical Therapy), Cross Training, Exercise apparel and gear, Compression, Nutrition (Realistic Nutrition Partners), Race Preparation, and more! Are you already an experienced runner and want to mentor new runners? Think about becoming a mentor.

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