2018 Winter 10 Mile Training

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2018 Winter 10 Mile Training

Mix it up this winter and take your training to a whole new level!  Join us in training for the Tarheel 10 Miler on April 21st. Develop a strong base of mileage, strength on hills, and endurance.  Pace groups, speedwork, and specific training plans will enable anyone who can currently run 5 miles to finish the 10 Miler STRONG. 

*Note:  If your desire is to run a Spring Half Marathon then 10 Mile Training will prepare you well to achieve this goal! 

Kick Off Meeting:  Tuesday, February 6th at 6PM at Fleet Feet Sports

Coached Workouts:  Tuesdays at 6pm and Saturdays at 7am starting Tuesday, February 13th

Race Date:  Tarheel 10 Miler on April 21st

Cost: $125 (does not include race registration)

Program Details: 
Tuesday nights you will be challenged with a combination of hill work, form drills and speed workouts. Designed to help you run faster and more efficiently, you will be amazed with your improved overall fitness from these challenging and fun sessions.

Saturday mornings we will go the distance.  We will run long runs at an easy effort to build up your strength and stamina in preparation for race day.

Pace groups will help you to challenge yourself while giving you a consistent group for training.  Your registration information sheet and our first group practice will allow us to appropriately place you in your group.  Your schedule will be tailored for your group and you will work together throughout the program to help one another reach the next level in distance and speed.  Each pace group will have an assigned volunteer coach with them on the run.

Questions?  Contact Fleet Feet Sports Run Coach at coach@fleetfeetwinston-salem.com

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