Fleet Feet Mechanicsburg

The Fleet Feet FITLOSOPHY™ is our commitment to the concept of a proper FIT in all aspects of our lives - from our commitment to helping you find the proper FIT for your running shoes, to assisting you in determining how running, walking, or an active lifestyle fits into your life. Our process begins by ensuring that runners and walkers of all abilities (and ages) are fit with the proper footwear, sports bras and technical apparel to meet their individual needs.  Select the type of fitting you're interested in to learn more:

Fleet Feet Kids Klub

The Fleet Feet Kids Klub is a 10-week program designed for 8-12 year-old kids. The goal of the program is to build fitness to complete a 5k in June. The program will focus on participation and inclusion, while also teaching running form, pacing, and other skills to help complete the goal race. Program begins April 2nd and will take place on Tues...
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No Boundaries Begin to Run & Personal Best 5K-10K

Sign up for our No Boundaries Begin to Run Program or our Personal Best 5K-10K Program! Our No Boundaries Begin to Run Program will help you finish a 5k race, whether by walking, running, or a combination of both! There is no experience required to join this program and people with no running background are encouraged to join. The program starts...
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