Trail Fridays

Trail Fridays

Trail Fridays is a community of trail enthusiasts who believe every day on the trail feels like a Friday. We welcome all paces and abilities to join our regular meetups for running and hiking adventures. To find more information about our group, visit our website at Trail Fridays. For details on upcoming meetups, check this facebook group or find us on instagram. Don't forget to participate in our Frequent Trekker Program, sponsored by Fleet Feet Treasure Valley, where you can earn swag just for attending!


Our Creed: We are all climbing different mountains, both literal and metaphorical. That’s what unites us. Whether you're just starting your trail journey or are a seasoned trail junkie, hike at a party pace or tackle hills like a mountain goat, are at the back of the pack or leading the front, we’re here for it all. We are a reason to get out of bed in the morning. We cheer each other on, set goals, and achieve them. We start together and, though we don’t necessarily stay together, we watch out for each other along the way.

Trail Fridays is somewhere to belong.

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