2022 Mountain Mist 50k Training

Hit the trails with Dink Taylor and the Mountain Mist 50k Trail Training Group! This group is intended for those serious runners, who have the goal and abilities to complete Mountain Mist 50k.

The requirements for participation are as follows: attempted or finished Mountain Mist, a 4:45 or faster road marathon, or a 3:45 or faster time at McKay Hollow 25k trail run.

The group runs will all be on different parts of the Mountain Mist course, and the trail will be marked. This training is designed to help you get across the finish line at the race, as it will give you a lot of course knowledge and time of the trail. The more time you spend on the trail, the more comfortable you get, and the faster you will go.

GOAL RACE: Mountain Mist 50k Trail Run, January 22, 2022

KICK-OFF: November 21, 2021 at 7 am at Monte Sano State Park. Will do a shorter first group training run after kick-off.


PROGRAM COST: $150 Program cost does not include race registration fee.

Program Benefits: Weekly group training session 10 week training schedule

Experienced coach and mentors

Special Mountain Mist sweatshirt

Education on proper trail running technique, fueling, injury prevention, and more

Special reward for making it to the finish line of Mountain Mist 2022

For more information please contact jason@fleetfeethuntsville.com.

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