Summer Speed Work

Summer Speed Work

Summer Speed Work


June 22nd - July 27th, 2021


Speed Series

Summer Speed program is a 6 week program that is focused on gaining speed! We will combine speed and hill workouts to achieve our desired goals in this 6 weeks. Get ready to dig deep and work hard! 

This group meets on Tuesday nights for a one hour down and dirty workout. 


Who is Summer Speed Work for?

Anyone who is already able to run a 5K or greater and wants to get faster, and have fun doing it!  


Where and when do workouts take place?

Workouts take place on Tuesday's at 6:00pm at various location's that will be emailed by Coach Mary Smith


Can you tell me more about what the Speed Work

will involve?

The speed series will include 6 track style /or hill workouts.  The track workouts will offer a variety of workouts, speeds and paces.  

Any rules?

  • All Speed Series participants must have identification with emergency contact information on them at all workouts
  • Participants mush have reflective gear and lights when warranted.
  • Participants must have a hydration system with them during all workouts; do not need to run with it but have it at the workout.
  • No strollers at workouts.
  • No animals at workouts
  • No food or drink (other then water) allowed on the track at any time (when using a track)
  • Have Fun!

All Participants will receive one of our Fleet Feet Chico Summer Training Shirts with their paid registration! 

($20.00 Value)


For more information email Shawna at


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