Fleet Feet Fall 2021 15K Trail Training Group - Sponsored by Hoka

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Fleet Feet Fall 2021 15K Trail Training Group - Sponsored by Hoka

Fleet Feet Spring 2021 15K Trail Training Group - Sponsored by Hoka

1st Group Meeting Monday July 12th at 6:00 pm at Sac River Mountain Bike Trails, this is a 20 week program.

Weekly Group Run Schedule + You will receive a weekly Training Plan to keep you on track for all 7 days of the week!

Monday 6:00 pm – Sac River Mountain Bike Trail

Thursday 5:30 am – 30 minute track work out, Kickapoo Highschool

Saturday 7:00 am - Busiek State Park

The goal of this training group is not race specific. We don't want to train you hard for 20 weeks toward a specific race goal - we want to train you well to be able to tackle the 15k distance for any race. We will focus on all of the skills and fundamentals that build a well rounded athlete and runner. The Fleet Feet Running Club will be an educational, encouraging family unit, where you will take in all of the key factors to make you a successful strong runner. Seminars, running work outs, cross training, yoga, product samples, demo's and so much more. And the best part of it all - accountability from coaches, mentors, and fellow training participants cheering you on and keeping you on track week to week! This group is 15 years + and child must participate with an adult and both participants must be enrolled.

$150 for the 20 week training session - **That breaks out to only $30 a month **

Keep reading to check out the value of the Fleet Feet Running Club Membership!

Why you get an experience with us that you can’t get running from your front door:

- You will receive a newsletter every Saturday morning for the following week

- featuring our weekly, 7 day training plan, group run locations and times, pictures from group runs, helpful tips and information, ect

- Coach led work outs- as well as group mentors for each distance to encourage, support, and run along side of you

- Facebook Community Page with fellow participants

- 3 weekly group runs

- Aided runs

- Discounted Fleet Feet instore yoga classes

- A Fleet Feet coupon for discount on a Hoka shoe + a discount shopping weekend exclusively for training group participants

- Access to free taping services from a taping certified training group coach

- Free informational seminars on nutrition, self care, injury prevention, and shoe/gear demo exclusively for training group participants

- Discounts on all Fleet Feet races

- Fleet Feet training group limited edition long sleeve hooded shirt

- Only available to participants

- 2 week recovery plan following the end of training session

- Race Pace Predictor Certificate with submission of current mile time at the beginning of training and the end of training.

Fleet Feet Running Club Only Perks Included In Your Training Membership

– Educational Seminars/Classes Offered During Training:

Self Care : How to keep a body in motion

Nutrition: How to fuel your body for running; before, during, and after

Bra Fit: How should my sports bra fit + a personal sports bra fitting

Runner Safety: Rules of the road and trail and how to keep you safe

Yes- There is MORE! Additional Perks to your Fleet Feet Running Club Membership, you will also receive the following discount to these great places and service around town to bring your training and health to the next level:

- 40% off of group strength classes (10 class card $60, originally $100) for Fleet Feet Running Club Members at AYB https://achievingyourbest.net/ - 15% off private one on one yoga lessons (these can be done anywhere!!) with Morghan Ansley

– these are great sessions to work on mobility, flexibility, injury prevention and rehab, or mastering a specific yoga skill

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