2021 Fleet Feet Run Club 10K Fast

2021 Fleet Feet Run Club 10K Fast

Are you looking for a way to restart your running? Join our 10K training group for a fun, supportive environment to kick start your health goals. The program is a mix of walking and running.  Run/walk intervals with the goal of longer runs between the walk breaks. 

Our Fast 10K Running Club is designed for 10K runners.  Our Fast program will challenge participants to reach faster 10K times.  Speed and hill work will be added to the traditional 10K schedule to give participants the next step in training.

A Zoom information meeting will be held on January 21st, @ 6:30 PM- https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84341737470?pwd=L2VFS0ZJeWhoaFBZUW9kZC91SUdaZz09#success

Training dates: January 26th-April 10

Price: $60

This program includes:

$15 Store Credit added to your account

2 group training sessions held on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM and Saturday at 7:00 AM

Training plans emailed weekly, along with a Facebook page used for updates, group discussions, and positive encouragement

Graduation race:  Cap 10K: 


 *Race Fee Not Included In Price. If you would like to run the race with us, you must register*



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