Summertime Grind

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Summertime Grind

This training program is all about FUN!!! We all know summer can get busy and, in Alabama, extremely hot. So instead of having a specific race we are signing up for, we are just going to stay active, run, and train together as a team. There will be a little bit of everything mixed into this training. It will include a little strength, a lot of running, some mobility and stability work, and an overall structured program to keep you moving and sweating all summer long. This is a great program to come out and see what running club is all about without the pressure of a race. It is also perfect for maintaining and improving speed and strength to be able to shave those minutes and seconds off the upcoming half marathon in the fall.

Summertime Grind Overview: 
- 12 week program (a total of 24 group training sessions)
- Weekly email with a detailed training schedule for the week 
- Group warm-ups, drills, and mechanics training before each run 
- Run and train with one of our coaches twice a week 
- Kick-off event
- End-of-training celebration

Summertime Grind Details

Season Logistics: Tuesdays @ 6 pm and Saturdays @ 7 am at Veterans Park in Hoover
Group Runs Begin: Tuesday, May 3, 2021 - 6 pm - Veterans Park
Cost: $100 ($75 before 4/25)

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