Fleet Feet Pleasanton Grow Your Miles 2020

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Fleet Feet Pleasanton Grow Your Miles 2020

Welcome to our NEW Grow Your Miles Training!

We are all instructed to shelter in place, but one great thing we can all do is be active and maintain or build our fitness! Fleet Feet Pleasanton presents the Grow Your Miles Program. With this virtual running and walking group, you will be surrounded by other fitness enthusiasts on their journey to increasing mileage at a steady, yet healthy pace. If you are looking for a community and coach to help guide you in reaching that next running milestone, Grow Your Miles is the group for you!  We’ll teach you about tips on increasing mileage, what it means to hydrate and fuel as your miles get longer, the gear that’s best for you and so much more. There’s nothing more exciting than helping others get to that next distance milestone that at one point semed unreachable!  Let’s get going! 

What’s Different about this group?

Considering the state of our country and location, we are unable to have in-person training. However, we’re not letting that stop us from helping you become more active and achieve your goals. This training will be online based with no in-person meetings. We will have a weekly zoom call which may consist of a weekly check-in or Zoom fitness session. All trainees will continue to have an in-store 10% discount.

How does virtual training work?

We believe the best training is done with a coach, however, we want to ensure that you and our coaches remain as safe as possible while also training and returning some normalcy and structure to your schedules and lives. With new virtual training, our coaches will continue to coach as they have always done except they'll be on the other side of the screen. Training plans will remain online with weekly coaching emails including detailed instructions about the week of training, new exciting running information, and a weekly zoom call for a semi face to face check-in or strength and conditioning tutorial. We want to ensure that the training and community we are providing is as close to the FFRC we once knew and loved. 

Grow Your Miles Training 2020 Program Info

Dates: August 16th- September 19th, 2020

Information Meeting: Zoom information meeting August, 10th 2020, 7:30pm

Price: $40

Coached by Jahdai Bolds 

Workout Times: All Training is done remotely. We will not have any planned in-person meetings.


Program benefits: Program benefits:

A complete 5-week training program, with a weekly zoom meeting check-in

Expert coaching

Education on running form, shoes, sports bras, injury prevention and more

Email support from your coach

10% discount for the trainee during training session (some exclusions apply)

Encouragement, support, and FUN!


Program Requirements: You cannot be injured.

Registration Info:

  • No participants under the age of 18.
  • No refunds or exchanges.
  • Limited to 50 participants.



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