Spring Mileage Challenge

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Spring Mileage Challenge


Spring 2020 Mileage Challenge






Hello Runners and walkers. It’s springtime and the parks are beautiful; road and trail runners alike are normally preparing for the spring race season. This is the perfect time to start training for the countless races that are normally available.




We are in a weird time right now where we are unable to meet as a group for workouts and races, so what are we to do? A running/ walking mileage challenge!




We know that exercise is so important in staying healthy, along with good nutrition, hydration and now social distancing. So, I challenge you! I challenge you to 200 miles over the next two months for adults and 100 for kids under 12. Starting April 15th and going till June 15th we challenge you to run/walk 200 miles for adults and 100 miles for kids! That’s an average of 3.33 miles for adults a day and 1.67 miles a day for our youth.




*** SAFETY FIRST! Please consider running/walking in your own neighborhood or during uncongested times on trails. Be respectful and keep an eye out for bikes and other runners! This is meant to be an on your own event. And as always please keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from other runners/walkers.***







We encourage you to join Strava. (www.strava.com) This is a great app used to track your runs, rides and swims. (**Note: if you walking, log as a run on Strava or it will not track your mileage on the dashboard for you) Strava is free to join and a great way to also connect with other runners in your area! At the end of the challenge we can verify your mileage on the app! Don’t want to join another app? Not a problem, Garmin, Apple and Fitbit will all track your mileage as well. Just submit your totals to shawna@fleetfeetchico.com




Youth runners and walkers:


You will print and track using our Activity Journal. This is a great way to not only track your activity, but you can also track how you felt, who exercised with you, where did you go and how long did it take you. At the end if the challenge you will have a great Journal of all your workouts and see all the great progress you made! Activity Journals will be emailed out the day before the challenge starts in your reminder email. Each page is good for one week.




All participants of the Spring Mileage challenge will receive a custom shirt designed by Upper Park Clothing! We will reveal the design in the coming weeks!




Special prizes will be awarded to:


·       First male and female (adult and youth) to reach the set mileage


·       Most miles logged in the two months for both adults and youth


·       Most consecutive days completed during the challenge


*In the event of a tie, we will put all tying parties in a drawing for the prize.


 Cost: $25.00 for both youth and adults


                  *Includes Shirt designed by Upper Park Clothing (adult and youth sizes)


Challenge Start/Stop Date: April 15th– June 15th, 2020

(Last day to register is May 1st, 2020)


Who: Anyone of any age can join!




Let’s stay active together!




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