5K Finish-Ridgeland

The 5K Finish (formerly No Boundaries) continues the tradition as a national, award-winning program offered at Fleet Feet stores across the country, and this time, in BOTH Ridgeland and Flowood. This beginner 5k program includes a walking portion, a walk-run interval method, as well as a running exclusively method. We will have mentors to help you along the way in the group workouts. Not only will you receive coaching but you'll be educated on topics ranging from injury prevention, stretching, recovery, diet, gear and clothing and more! The 10 week program will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 6:00pm. We will have 2 informational meetings at Fleet Feet, on Tuesday March 17th in RIDGELAND and Thursday, March 19th in FLOWOOD, both at 7:00pm. The program kicks off Tuesday, March 24th at 6:00pm in Ridgeland and Flowood, depending on which one you sign up for. (YOU WILL BE ABLE TO GO TO WHICHEVER LOCATION IS MOST CONVENIENT FOR YOU ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY, BUT SIGN UP FOR THE ONE YOU PLAN TO ATTEND THE MOST). Invite a friend to join you and come see how you can challenge yourself! Have you done 5K Finish before? Bring a friend in and get 50% off registration for BOTH of you! Contact Michael Harrison (Michael@fleetfeetjackson.com) with questions.

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