2019 Great Race NoBo

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2019 Great Race NoBo



12-Week Program: July 8th - September 29th

$99 for new members, $89 for alumni (ALUMNI10 must be used at time of purchase to receive discount)


Is your goal to cross the finish line of Pittsburgh's iconic Great Race this fall? If so, this is the group that will help you do it regardless of your starting point! Our dedicated group of coaches and mentors are here to offer you the guidance, support and motivation you need to stick with your commitment and accomplish whatever goal you've set for yourself! Our Great Race NoBo program is designed for runners and walkers of all ability levels who are looking for structured workouts and enjoy the camaraderie of a team environment.


Fleet Feet Pittsburgh offers five training options:

  • The Movement - Our social walking group for those who want to get outside, breath some fresh air and simply move their bodies at the 5k or 10k distance.
  • 5K.1 No Boundaries - Designed for those with little to no running experience, this program uses progressive walk/jog intervals to get you across the finish line.
  • 5K.2 - If you are comfortable with the 5K distance, and want to work on your form, efficiency and speed, this program utilizes run/jog intervals to get you running faster with less effort.
  • 10k.1 - Beginner 10k program designed for those who have completed a 5k, using longer intervals that progress to running through the finish line of the 10k.
  • 10.k2 - Intermediate 10k program designed for those comfortable with the 10k distance, and want to improve their form and efficiency for their 10k race.


We look forward to meeting you at your starting point and helping you achieve your finish line goals!

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