Summer Speed Work

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Summer Speed Work

Summer Speed Work

July 1st- August 5th, 2019

 Speed Series

Summer Speed program is a 6 week program that is focused on gaining speed! We will combine speed and hill workouts to achive our speed goals over 6 weeks. 

This group meets on Monday nights for a one hour down and dirty workout. 

Who is Winter Speed Series for?

Anyone who is already able to run a 5K and wants to get faster and have fun doing it.  Finish the program by participating in the Beat the Coach one mile run on August 10th to see if you can get that one mile PR!!  

Where and when do workouts take place?

Workouts take place on Monday at 5:45 am and  6:00pm at various locaitons that will be emailed by our coaches

Can you tell me more about what the Speed Series will involve?

The speed series will include 6 track/or hill workouts.  The track workouts will offer a variety of workouts, speeds and paces.  

Any rules?

  • All Speed Series participants must have identification with emergency contact information on them at all workouts
  • Participants mush have reflective gear and lights when warranted.
  • Participants must have a hydration system with them during all workouts; do not need to run with it but have it at the workout.
  • No strollers at workouts.
  • No animals at workouts
  • No food or drink (other then water) allowed on the track at any time (when using a track)

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