Spring Warriors 2019

Spring Warriors 2019

Spring WarriorsON X FLEET FEET

This 8 week training program is designed to help you maintain your fitness and endurance between seasons.  Whether your goal is to get in shape, get faster, or workout enough to maintain your fitness; THIS IS THE PLAN FOR YOU!  Our workouts are designed to build running strength and develop muscle endurance.  Coaches will guide you through weekly workouts that focus on speed and efficiency using interval training on the track and on hills.  We meet twice a week for group workouts.

Monday nights you will be meeting at CROSSFIT GREENVILLE to be challenged to build strength with cross training workouts specifically designed for muscle building. Designed to help you maintain your fitness and build muscular endurance, you will be amazed with your improved overall fitness from these challenging and fun sessions. 

Thursday nights we will be meeting at FLEET FEET to focus on running form and running endurance. Our Thursday workouts are designed with a combination of hill work, form drills, and speed workouts to help you run faster and with more efficiency.  

  • Program Start: June 3rd
  • Registration Closes: Monday, June 10th
  • Program Length: 8 weeks
  • Price: $80
    • FFRC Members get a 20% discount!
    • Participants will receive ON finisher shirts and additional perks and education from ON 
  • Group Training Days: Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00pm

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