Winter Speed Work

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Winter Speed Work

Winter Speed Work
Runs February 12th- March 18th 2018

Winter Speed Series

Cost of the Winter Speed Series is $55 and that includes 5 weeks of Monday and Thursday night workouts,  access to Coaches who can answer questions and more! We do require that all winter Speed Series participants be 18 or older.  Any runner that is registered for any of the Winter training programs can receive a $10.00 discount on the Speed Work program. (must email for discount code)

Who is Winter Speed Series for?

Anyone who is already able to run a 5K and wants to get faster and have fun doing it.  This program we will be targeting the Downtown Mile. Lets see you hit a PR on the one mile race!

Where and when do workouts take place?

Workouts take place on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:30pm at a location TBD

Can you tell me more about what the Winter Speed Series will involve?

The Winter Speed Series will include 10 track/or track similar workouts.  The track workouts will offer a variety of workouts, speeds and paces.  

Any rules?

  • All Winter Speed Series participants must have identification with emergency contact information on them at all workouts
  • Participants mush have reflective gear and lights when warranted.
  • Participants must have a hydration system with them during all workouts; do not need to run with it but have it at the track.
  • No strollers at workouts.
  • No animals at workouts
  • No Food or Liquid (other then water) allowed on the track at anytime!

For more information please contact Shawna at

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