Fleet Feet Raleigh-Morrisville Racing Team (Spring 2017)

Registration Deadline passed.

The Fleet Feet Raleigh-Morrisville Racing Team is sponsored by Saucony and is open to runners and walkers of all abilities. No matter your pace we welcome all who are passionate about inspiring others to get out and get active. Along the way we'll participate in a lot of races and have a lot of fun!

What You Do

  • Read over the participant guidelines (below) and make sure you’re in agreement. You should understand what you’re supporting by joining this team.
  • Complete the registration.
  • Compete in at least three (3) races PER season (Spring = January - July, Fall = August - December) wearing your Saucony Fleet Feet Racing uniform (top, bottom and shoes). Completing the event is all that matters! 
  • After completion of the event, post a photo of your achievement on social media. Tag Fleet Feet Raleigh (@FleetFeetRal), Fleet Feet Morrisville (@FleetFeetMorrisville), Saucony (@Saucony) and whatever awesome hashtags you want!
  • Racing team members must also volunteer at one Fleet Feet Raleigh-Morrisville event per season. These may include:
    • Run Green 8K (March)
    • Rock'n'Roll Raleigh Water Stop (April)
    • Oktoberfest 8K (October)
    • Volunteer with our charity event with nOg Run Club - Holiday Cheer Program (December)
    • Mentor any of our training programs (Year-long)
    • Other opportunities will be announced in the upcoming weeks!

What You Get

For each season you register, you will receive:

  • One screen-printed Saucony singlet
  • One pair of Saucony shorts
  • One pair of Saucony running shoes

Participant Guidelines

+ This is a Fleet Feet Racing team, and as such there is a certain image we want team members to portray. Please be sure you are in agreement with the following before agreeing to participate:

+ Team members should be caring, selfless, willing to connect with and motivate other athletes of all abilities, and have a sense of humor.

+ While some of us win races (and this is certainly encouraged), we are generally not a group of elite runners focused on winning, but a friendly group of runners who enjoy running (and walkers who enjoy walking).

+ That said, we do welcome faster, “elite” runners but ask them to embrace the casual atmosphere of our team.

+ Fleet Feet aims to promote fitness within the community by coordinating fun events and by fitting people in comfortable footwear, bras, and apparel that will motivate them to continue exercising. You should understand the services that Fleet Feet provides. 1) We have a professional FIT process to fit running/walking shoes with the appropriate level of stability, 2) We also FIT inserts for shoes and sports bras. 3) We provide programs such as fun runs, races, training programs, educational seminars to the community.

+ We want to include all manner of athletes in our events and teams, therefore we ask that you help to portray an accommodating and fun atmosphere for the racing team.

+ Above all else, portray a positive image of yourself and the team. We reserve the right to remove anyone who cannot meet the above guidelines.


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