Functional Flexibility 14

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Functional Flexibility 14

Our Functional Flexibility class is scientifically designed to restore and increase muscle flexibility and balance. Using dynamic and static stretching techniques designed for runners with a combination of mat/yoga work--this class targets the most common troublemakers the iliotibial band, piriformis, hamstring, and gastroc/soleus (calf) complex - to help prevent injury. Why Functional Flexibility for Runners? It’s a Perfect Complement. Running can lead to injury because of its repetitive nature and the resulting musculoskeletal imbalances. On a physical level, Functional Flexibility restores balance and symmetry to the body, making it the perfect complement to running. It is a Secret Weapon. Functional Flexibility possesses secret restorative powers. It includes postures that aid in speedy recoveries from long runs, which is the key to becoming a healthier and faster competitor. It is a Stable Base. Functional Flexibility can help work out the tight spots, improve your range of motion, and not only open up joints but also stabilize them...

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