Fleet Feet Sports Decatur (IL)

At Fleet Feet Sports, you will find a welcoming environment where runners, walkers and fitness enthusiasts of all abilities receive unparalleled service and support. Fleet Feet Sports' mission is to help you find the right ''FIT'' in every facet of your active lifestyle.

 Whether you are looking to meet new friends or set new goals for yourself, Fleet Feet Sports will inspire and motivate you to succeed. You will feel like a part of the family and will be welcomed into a community of walkers, runners, and a lifestyle of health and inspiration.


2021 Spring Full Marathon Training

You can do 26.2! This Full Marathon Training Program is a 9-week program designed to prepare experienced runners for their first ever endurance event or to help seasoned marathoners meet a new performance goal.  The program includes a training plan designed by experienced coaches, group runs twice weekly, and some cool swag. Each participan...
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2021 Spring Half Marathon Training

The Spring Half Marathon Training Program is designed to help those who can already run a 5K with little or no walking.  The program is structured to help you cross the finish line of your first half marathon race in 9 weeks! It can also help existing half marathon runners meet new performance goals. Along the way we’ll...
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2021 Wildcard Timebased Training

Keep moving through the winter months by joining the Fleet Feet Wildcard Training Challenge This is a 9 week training program where you set your own goal and work towards it.  The group will meet at the same location with our Half and Full Marathon training group, so you will be surrounded by runners this winter.  You run you...
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January Winter Warrior Training Program ( 4 week)

Kick it in gear for the new year! Enjoy a daily schedule of running/walking workouts to keep you active throughout the winter. Participate in two group run/walks per week.. This session is open to walkers and runners of all levels. The group workouts are time-based, so you can walk or run your own pace and distance. During this program coaches a...
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Winter Warrior 3 Month Training Challenge

Keep moving through the winter months by joining the Fleet Feet Winter Warrior 3 Month Training Challenge This 3 month registration will include all 3 Winter Warrior Training Programs at a discounted rate. These three month back to back programs are intended to help you reach your specific goals this winter. Train to gear up for a half mara...
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