New Balance Summer Trail Series 2019

New Balance Summer Trail Series 2019


This is a totally FREE training series, hosted by professionals, with lots of free swag give-aways.

Anyone at any time! You can come and go as you please. It’s free to the public. Tbe eligible for target race(s) & New Balance shirt (more about that below) you must attend at least half the training runs.

Improve as athletes and trail runners. Teach what we know and learn from one another. Train for specific target races. Improve speed and agility.

We'll be raffling a gift bag at the end of each run full of goodies from our sponsors: New Balance, Honey Stinger, RRCA, Xoskin, UltraSpire, IT Works and more...Also, free mini clinics, hand-outs, and training plans. Wait there's more! Mary will bring her homemade plant-based goodies and we'll have a cooler full of icy beverages. WAIT!!!! There's even more! Free New Balance RDU race shirt and entry into target race(s) - TBA SOON!

Your hosts are Scott & Mary Waldrop. They are married runners who have been together since they were 17. They each have their own unique credentials...

* Scott Waldrop is a seasoned ultra/trail runner having won first place and setting coarse records in the Tarheel 378-miler Crewed Division and The Charleston 100-miler both in December 2018. He has competed in and finished ten 100-milers as well as several other ultra distances and marathons. He is an RRCA Certified Running Coach as well as RRCA’s NC State Represntative. Scott himself is coached by world renowned ultrarunner Hayden Hawks.

* Mary Waldrop is T Collin Campbell Plant-based certified, a license massage therapist, and has run marathons and shorter distances.

Both Scott & Mary are Herren Project Ambassadors as well as New Balance RDU brand ambassadors

We will post all events on Facebook, MeetUp and fitvil soon. For the time being - this is the tentative training schedule:

WEEK 1 - Tues May 28 6pm: Participant Interest kickoff event - Tues May 28 6pm - Raleigh New Balance Store

WEEK 2 - Sat June 1 8am: 8pm trail 101 mini clinic - Umstead Park Crabtree Visitor Center, Sal's Branch 6 miles

WEEK 3 - Wed June 5 6pm: importance of building a base mini clinic - 8 miles MTS Trail off Raven's Ridge Rd

WEEK 4 - Sat June 15 8am: injury prevention mini clinic - 13 miles Umstead Multiuse Parking Lot

WEEK 5 - Wed June 19 6pm: hydration / figuring out electrolytes mini clinic - 7 miles Durant Nature Park

WEEK 6 - Sat June 29 8am: vo2 max, lactic acid, max heart rate mini clinic - 16 miles Eno River

WEEK 7 - Sat July 6 8am: nutrition mini clinic - 20 miles Umstead Multiuse Parking Lot

WEEK 8 - Thurs June 25 6pm: cross training, drills, hip routines, strength training mini clinic - 5 miles Wake Forest Reservoir Trail

WEEK 9 - Mon Aug 5 6pm: why/how speedwork mini clinic - 5 miles Durant Nature Park

WEEK 10 - Sat Aug 17 8am: why/how hill work minic clinic - 24 miles Umstead Multiuse Parking Lot

WEEK 11 - Sat Aug 24 8am: gear: shoes, clothes, headlamps, watches, socks, hydration packs, trekking poles, mini clinic - 6 mile taper run MTS Trail Raven Ridge Rd

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