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10k and Half Marathon Training

10k and Half Marathon Training Are you looking to increase your distance, take your running to another level, or reach a new goal and have fun doing it? Fleet Feet Rockford's experienced couching staff and mentors can help you meet your goals this year. The 10k and half marathon training pro...

Rockford, IL

Fleet Feet Racing Team


Rockford, IL

No Boundaries Summer Session

No Boundaries: This group focuses on beginners, but all levels of runners are welcome. This 13 week program is structured to assist you with crossing the finish line of your first race or to help existing runners meet new performance goals. Whether you are new to running or looking to run a faste...

Rockford, IL

Fall 2019 Mini Session

Fall is a great time to get running, keep running, work on a new speed or distance goal. This mini session begins Sat. Sept. 14 with the goal to prepare you for a Speedy Dasher Dash 5K on Nov. 30 in downtown Rockford. Considering Winter Warriors? A mini session now will get you ready for all t...

Rockford, IL

Brooks Spring 2020

RUN HOPPY!!! This group is for the new to running to the experienced racer!  We have coaches and mentor led runs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 5:30 p.m., we meet at Fleet Feet (1653 N. Alpine in Rockford) for a structured workout on the road.  S...

Rockford, IL

Winter Warriors 2019

Learn to love winter running as much as we do!  Run Tuesday evenings for speed and skill, run at 8 am Saturdays from Fleet Feet Sports.  Our goals are to: keep you active in the winter and get ready for some winter racing.  Our goal race is the F3 in Chicago, where you can join 100...

Rockford, IL

Winter Warrirors 2018

Winter is coming! Join Fleet Feet for the most exciting fitness program around: WINTER WARRIORS 2018! Winter warriors is an incentive program to help motivate you to stay active during the cold winter months. What Winter Warriors looks like? Attend group runs, themed runs and events, store demos,...

Rockford, IL

Speed Demons

  Speed Demons   Shake up your training on Tuesdays with our free coached track workouts!   This 10 week track program is an opportunity for you to become a faster, stronger and more efficient runner regardless of your preferred distance. A thorough dynamic warm up will be part of ...

Rockford, IL

team one step

Rockford, IL

Rock Runners (Trail)

Rock Runners Trail Running Group  Interested in adding another element to your running  Get off the pavement and head out to explore the beauty of trail running this season. Add another element to your running and enjoy a little tranquility away from the hustle of the city! Off-road run...

Rockford, IL

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