Squats Clinic with Spine Chiropractic (5/19)

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Squats Clinic with Spine Chiropractic (5/19)

Fleet Feet Chico is teaming up with Spine Chiropractic and Dr Ethan Henneberry to train all things squat!

Dr. Henneberry received his Master in Sports Medicine from University of Western States

We’ll cover how you can use squats to train:

  • Mobility

  • Balance

  • Power output

  • Strength development

  • Hypertrophy

  • Injury prevention

  • Rehabilitation (great return to play indicator)

We’re going to train proper form and movements patterns for squats, using movement drills and cues to perfect your squat. 

We’re going to address common errors that keep people from squatting their best.

By the end of the first night, you’ll know how to perform a great squat!

Following up on this first seminar, number two will focus on further perfecting the squat where we’ll focus on:

Identifying weak points

Proper tissue preparation

Additional Runner Specific training, tips, and tools

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