Fleet Feet Vacaville Run Club 2021

Vision: To build a fun and healthy running community full of awesome people who do cool things.


FVRC is an all-volunteer running club that offers year-round group training in the form of standard distance runs, group workouts (hill repeats, tempo runs, intervals, etc.), and club races.


The club is for runners looking to run PRs (or age group PRs), qualify for the Boston Marathon, or just stay fit (aka hold on to your youth for as long as possible). Our club is most like a high school or college sports team. Just like any sports team, some of us have a high competitive drive while the rest of us love the team’s atmosphere, environment, and encouragement. We work together to get the most out of ourselves.


The club has an official group workout on Thursday evening at 6 pm and an official club distance run on Saturday mornings at 7 am, but a lot of us also coordinate with other club members to meet up for runs and workouts outside of those two days.


The scheduled workouts and runs (sent out every week via email) are organized and planned by the club’s head coaches. These organized runs and workouts include the Saturday morning run (usually 10-miles), the Thursday evening workout, and an optional OYO workout for Tuesdays. At the bottom of this page is a sample workout email sent out each week.


In these unprecedented times, we have been rolling with the punches (so to speak) and are following all CDC and state guidelines to ensure our members can continue to run in a safe manner.


We have been holding “DIY races” of various distances to maintain a sense of purpose and fitness - with our most popular distances being the track 5K and the road 10-miler.




Katherine Voepel Ward

Kat is a Physical Therapist with advanced training in runner rehabilitation, and an undergraduate degree in Exercise Biology from UC Davis. A huge proponent of successful injury prevention through use of appropriately dosed exercise stimulus, she helps ensure that the workouts progress club members in a well-rounded way with an eye towards overall wellness and health.  A runner since the age of 13 when her mom signed her up for the high school cross country team, and she frequently told everyone she liked “everything but the running part”, Kat now loves the running part, recently got her BQ, and has her sights set on a sub 6 min mile.



Brendan Ward

Brendan is a former collegiate runner, RRCA certified running coach, and all-around running-nerd - we dare you to find a piece of running history, trivia, or cutting-edge research he doesn’t know. Brendan studied exercise physiology at UC Davis and continues to study the subject, staying up to date on all of the recent training and physiology research. Brendan has coached athletes who have run PRs in everything from the 5k to the marathon. In the fall of 2019, 5 of his athletes ran PRs at the Urban Cow 1/2 Marathon and 3 ran PRs at CIM. Recently, one of his athletes ran a track 5k PR in 15:54. Brendan has personal bests of 2:43.46 for the marathon (BQ time in 2019), 1:16.12 for 1/2 marathon (2019), 56:30 for 10-miles (2014), 34:30 for 10k (2014), 16:40 for 5k (2015), 4:29 for 1-mile (2015), 4:08 for 1500-meters (2016), 1:58 for 800-meters (2006), and 50.1 for 400-meters (2008).


Sample Weekly Email


Howdy guys!


As we transition into later season fall training, we're going long. The 1st Annual Holderfield 10-miler is in 3 weeks on Sunday 11/1, so get excited! With that in mind, we're going to emphasize some longer, tempo work to get back in the 10-miler groove.


Optional Tuesday Workout

Drills w/o strides + 2 miles of In N Outs (on a track you run the straights at slightly faster than 5k effort and then jog the turns)


No track? No problem. Convert this to 8-16 x 20sec relaxed fast, 40sec slow jog/walk. The goal is to get a little leg turn over and practice good running mechanics.


FVRC Thursday Workout

Meeting at Butcher Road by the Gun Store

Leaving to start warm up at 6 PM


On the Peanut, we'll run 3 x 10min @ tempo pace w/90s jog rest


Enter a recent time trial result or a good estimate in this running calculator, hit 'calculate' then go to the 'training paces' tab to find your tempo pace.


FVRC Saturday Run

Meeting at Fleet Feet

Run starts at 7 AM

6-10 miles easy (or more if you add on to make it a longer run)

No event has been created for this group

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