Speed Demons Track Clinic WINTER 2018

Speed Demons Track Clinic WINTER 2018

You can now Drop In to any of the remaining sessions for $10. Just pay when you get there. 

Start Date:  TBD

Finally a running program for ages 10-14! This is an 8 week program that meets on Saturdays at 9:00 AM. 

This will be a fun healthy activity for the kids to get them moving and perhaps inspire them to participate in one of the many kids races offered around their community. In addition it is a great opportunity to work on speed for those kids looking to participate in track and cross country school programs. Each practice will last an hour and will include stretching, running drills on the 10th Street Track (located in Stuart) and cool down. Those who complete the program will earn their Speed Demons Patch!

When registering for our training programs, you are also registering to be a member of Fitvil, which is how we communicate with our participants. If the parent is already a Fitvil member, remember when registering a child, they will need to have a unique username, which their parents can create for them. It's ok to use their parent's email address as long as it is a new username. Also just be sure that their parents are entering their children's information (name, birthday) instead of their own when they register.

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