2018 Summer 5K Fast

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2018 Summer 5K Fast

The 5K Fast training program is designed to help your run your fastest 5K!!  In the Speed Demons 5K program participants will be challenged to train for a lighting fast 5K race. Workouts will include speed sessions featuring track and hill work. The 5K Fast program is designed for runners who can easily complete a 5K race and finish strong.  Participants in the program will be looking to gain speed and strength that will allow them to run their fastest 5K of the year.

Informational Meeting: Tuesday June 5th, 6:30PM at Fleet Feet Sports

Kick Off Meeting & Practice: June 12th, 6:00PM at Fleet Feet Sports

First Practice: June 16th 6:30AM

Workouts: Tuesdays at 6:00pm and Saturdays at 6:30am (at Fleet Feet Sports) 

Race Date: Beat the Heat on Saturday, July 21st Cost: $80 (does not include race registration)

Participants receive: Detailed training schedule, informational clinics, coupon for $20 off $50 apparel purchase, weekly e-mails with tips & advice, AND constant support!  In addition, any participant who attends 60% of the practice sessions will receive a $25 Fleet Feet gift card at the end-of-program celebration party.  For additional information e-mail us at coach@fleetfeetwinston-salem.com

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