Spring 2016 Tri Strength Training Option

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Spring 2016 Tri Strength Training Option

We will be offering two different strength training formats during our workouts on Wednesdays. Functional Circuit Training Wednesdays will focus on strength/power, while our Yoga Wednesdays will focus on strength/flexibility.

A strength-training program developed specifically for triathletes can help keep you healthy and out on the road, in addition to improving your speed and endurance. Targeted strength training for hips, glutes, and legs helps triathletes stay balanced, decreasing your chance of sustaining injuries related to strength imbalances or weak areas. A strong core helps triathletes maintain good form over as many miles, move more efficiently, and decreases strain on joints. It can also help with cardiovascular performance, allowing you to breathe more fully to give your muscles the oxygen they need to keep going.

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